How to find us:

From Accra, it’s possible to fly or drive to Takoradi.

From Takoradi


Drive West from Takoradi towards Axim and Elubo.

At Agona Junction, turn left at the roundabout towards Dixcove. When you reach Dixcove fishing harbour, follow the road to the right and right again, following the signs towards Akwidaa and Akwidaa Inn. Ceto is 3-4km along this road, before you get to the first villages of Akyinim and Achowa.

Co-ordinates: 4.77261,-1.96827

Public transport/taxi

You can get public transport from Takoradi to Agona Junction and then from Agona by taking a trotro towards Akwidaa old town. Ask the driver’s mate to stop at Ceto.

Taxis can also be hired from Agona junction or Takoradi.

Shopping for Supplies

Takoradi has supermarkets for shopping but local vegetables can be purchased at the market in Agona Junction. Fish is easily sourced in Dixcove. Our staff are happy to help assist you getting supplies.

If you don’t have your own transport, we recommend meeting our manager in Agona before moving on to the house. He can then help you purchase supplies before you arrive and ensuring you find the house easily.



Security can be provided and accommodation can be arranged for your driver nearby if necessary.