Things to do at Ceto beach house and the surrounding area

Ceto is well stocked with books and family games.

You have the use of our barbecue area and, of course full access to our grounds and beaches.

If you want a change from relaxing on the beach, walks can be arranged through the bamboo forest and rubber plantation.

At low tide it’s possible to scramble across the rocks towards Dixcove

You can be guaranteed of a warm welcome on a visit to the local village of Akyinim. Our staff can arrange this for you to experience daily life in this rural village, and is always a big hit with visitors. You can also learn a few words of Ahanta, the local language in this region.

Dixcove has a fascinating ex-slaving fort, well worth a visit, the fishing harbour and a host of drinking spots to soak up the atmosphere.

The beach resort of Busua is a short distance away, with numerous restaurants and bars. Here you can learn to surf, play tennis, rent jet skis and have access to the swimming pool at the resort of Busua Beach resort. You can also walk to Busua via Dixcove, which takes about one and a half hours from Ceto via Dixcove harbour.

Busua also has a music festival, Asabaako. Please visit for further details.